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Discover the gardening world’s hottest trend!
Have you heard of a Fairy Garden?  It is probably one of the hottest trends in the gardening world for adults and kids alike right now.  If you are not sure what this is, or if you are interested in learning more, you are in the right place.

Here are some of our latest arrivals for Fairy Gardens. Click any image to begin slideshow for a closer look. Item number and brief description is on every item for your convenience when ordering.

The details on each piece are amazing. Lots more to choose from in our shop to help you build your theme garden.

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Our most popular Fairy Garden Pieces are available below for online purchase.

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Here are a few of our most popular Fairy Garden Pieces available for online purchase.  Additional pieces in stock are shown in the gallery below.

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Feathered Friends Fairy Garden Piece
Feathered Friends – MG65:

$8.99 / $3 Shipping – Add to Cart

Fairy Boy with Puppy Fairy Garden Piece
Fairy Boy with Puppy – MG208:

$8.99 / $3 Shipping – Add to Cart

A Good Read Fairy – MG276:

$8.99 / $3 Shipping – Add to Cart

Leaf Sign Fairy Garden Piece
Leaf Sign – MG65:

$7.99 / $3 Shipping – Add to Cart

Tree and Swing Fairy Garden Piece
Tree and Swing Fairy – MG12:

$12.99 / $3 Shipping – Add to Cart

Forest Gazebo Fairy Garden Piece
Forest Gazebo – MG280:

$8.99 / $6 Shipping – Add to Cart

More Fairy Garden Pieces …
Make your Fairy Garden your own with a collection of these pieces available in our shop.  Click on any image in the gallery below to begin a slideshow for a closer look. If you’d like to purchase on of these pieces, just give us a call and tell us the name or number of the one you’d like to purchase.

Fairy Garden Samples:
Here are some ideas to get you started. Click on any photo below for a closer look.

Stop in and take a look at the Fairy Gardens we have built.  We’re also here to help you plan and build your own!