Garden Flags for all seasons and many interests

Garden Flags

Garden Flags are a great way to not only add some color to your yard, but to showcase some of the many things that make you happy!

We have a extensive selection of flags available for every season and for a variety of interests. Pay tribute to your favorite dog breed with a garden flag. Add some color and flowers to your yard where a garden may not grow. Enjoy birds in your yard all year long with a bird-themed garden flag. Many of our mailbox cover designs are also available as a garden flag.

Flags are available to display with a metal stand that can easily be placed in the ground. You can also choose to display your flags from a pole attached to your house or deck.

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Here are some of our Garden Flags …
We have a variety of flags in stock that are seasonal, themed and all decorative. Select any of these general categories below to see our garden flag gallery. Click any image in the gallery to begin a slideshow for a closer look. You’ll find the product number on each image so if you’d like one for your yard or garden, just stop in or call our shop to order.

NEW … You can now purchase our most popular Flower Garden Flags online!