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Harvest Wreaths

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower 24″ Sunflower Wreath

FALL-01: $49.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower24″ Bittersweet Twig Wreath

FALL-02: $49.99

 20″ Autumn Leaves Wreath

FALL-05: $49.99

 18″ Fall Leaves & Flowers

FALL-08: $36.99

 24″ Abundance Fall Harvest

FALL-13: $89.99

 20″ Soft Harvest Flowers

FALL-14: $89.99

 24″ Dried Colorful Abundance 


 20″ Grapes & Leaves Wreath


Harvest Mailbox Covers & Garden Flags

Personalize your mailbox and celebrate the season with one of these festive magnetic mailbox covers!  The Standard Size is 6.5″ wide (across the door of your mailbox) and 19″ long.  

Thankful Grateful Blessed Seasonal Mailbox Cover
Thankful Grateful Blessed – 01418: Standard: $19.99

Trendy Tom – 01052: Standard: $19.99

Give Thanks Seasonal Mailbox Cover
Give Thanks – 01423
Standard: $19.99

Thankful Seasonal Mailbox Cover
Thankful – 01404:

Standard: $19.99

Welcome Fall Pumpkins – 01224:
Standard: $19.99

Pumpkins Seasonal Mailbox Cover
Pumpkins – 01416:
Standard: $19.99

Picket Fence Seasonal Mailbox Cover
Picket Fence – 01414:
Standard: $19.99

 Fall Mason Jars – 00112:   Standard: $19.99
Welcome Fall – 01047:  Standard:$19.99

Time to Rake – 
01401:  Standard: $19.99

Autumn Porch – 01412:     Standard: $19.99

Pumpkin Wagon – 00111:      
Standard: $19.99

Harvest Garden Flags

Garden Flags are a great way to not only add some color to your yard, but to showcase some of the many things that make you happy! Flags are available to display with a metal stand that can easily be placed in the ground.  You can purchase one here.  

You can also choose to display your flags from a pole attached to your house or deck.

Thankful Grateful Blessed Seasonal Garden Flag
Thankful Grateful Blessed Pumpkin – 31418
: $12.99

Trendy Tom- 91052: $12.99

Turkey Seasonal Garden Flag

Turkey – 31419: $12.99

Pumpkins Garden Flag
Pumpkins Garden Flag – 
31416: $12.99

Welcome Fall Pumpkins-
31224: $12.99

Autumn Gate – 31414:

Autumn Porch- 31412:  

Time to Rake- 31401: 

Welcome Fall – 31047:  

Fall Mason Jars-
30112: $12.99

Pumpkin Wagon- 30111:

Harvest Fairy Garden Accessories

Bring the magic of the harvest season to your fairies with these adorable accessories!

Mini Acorns Picks
Item: ME508
Dimensions: 4″h

Mini Scarecrow
Item: ME504
Dimensions: 3″w x 6.25″h

Mini Autumn Wish Sign 
Item: ME501
Dimensions:3.75″w x 3.25″h

Mini Raccoon in Leaves
Item: ME502
Dimensions: 3.5″w x 1.75″h

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