Personalize your mailbox with a magnetic wrap for distinction

Mailbox Covers

Personalize your mailbox with one of the many magnetic mailbox wraps that we offer.  This is a fun way to easily identify your driveway and show off some of your favorite things.  Wraps are available for a variety of interests, including flowers and birds, and for all seasons to give you a new look at different times of the year!Mailbox wraps are available in two sizes.

Two Sizes Available:
Magnetic mailbox covers are available in two sizes.  The Standard Size is 6.5″ wide (across the door of your mailbox) and 19″ long.  The Large Size is 8″ wide by 21″ long.

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Our most popular Flower Mailbox Covers are NOW AVAILABLE for online purchase.

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Here are some of our mailbox covers …
We have a variety of covers in stock that are seasonal, themed and all decorative. Select any of the four general categories below to see our mailbox cover gallery. Click any image in the gallery to begin a slideshow for a closer look.You’ll find the product number on each image so if you’d like one for your mailbox, just stop in or call our shop to order.

NEW … You can now purchase our most popular Flower Mailbox Covers online!