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Wreaths for Any Occasion

Wreaths are a universal sign of hospitality. They can be used to dress up interior doors or outdoor doors. They can accent walls and door frames and arches. They make great centerpieces for entry tables, coffee tables, or kitchen tables. Any type of flowers from everlasting to exotic dried pods can be used to create an unique piece to accent any place in your home from bathroom to kitchen, dining room to den, sun parlor to library.

Maine Balsam Wreaths

Wreaths can be made from Maine Balsam Fir Branches, as in the traditional Christmas Wreath, dried flowers as in our Special Event wreaths or from high quality artificial boughs and flowers that look great and last forever.  Shop for the holidays now!

We use Delphinium, Roses, Nigellas, Straws of all colors, Pearly Everlastings, Hydranga, Globanriums, Statice in many colors, Baby’s Breath, German Statice, Sea Heather, Eucalyptus, Grapevines in all sizes and shapes, Swags, Bridal bouquets, Herb wreaths made with just one or many types of herbs

Wreaths are Long Lasting

Wreaths last longer than fresh flowers and are useful for centerpieces, special parties, receptions, conferences, door prizes, and sporting events.  At Special Events, the wreath can be given away at the end of the function or it can be used in the home or business.

Wreaths can be used for:

  • Christmas & Holiday Gifts
  • Wedding Centerpieces
  • Mother’s Day
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Healing Wreaths
  • Front Doors of your Home, Barn or Business

Order These Online

Choose from our handpicke selection of best-sellers and our personal favorites! 

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all handcrafted wreaths! Should you desire overnight services please let us know. We intend to ship each order one or two days after it is received.  If an item is back ordered we will inform you of the delay.

*If you’re looking for something you don’t see below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to design something unique and beautiful!

Sea Lavendar Wreath12″ Sea Lavendar Wreath – MWF-01: $26.99

Sea Lavendar Wreath 12″ Sea Lavendar Wreath – MWF-02: $26.99

Sea Lavendar Wreath
12″ Sea Lavendar Wreath – MWF-03: $26.99

Sea Lavendar Wreath
12″ Sea Lavendar Wreath – MWF-04: $26.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower 22″ Forsythia Wreath –  MWF-05: $39.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower20″ Hydrangea Wreath – MWF-06: $54.99

 20″ Rose Wreath – 
 MWF-07: $49.99

28″ Garden Bouquet Wreath – MWF-08: $99.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower
24″ Berry Twig Wreath – MWF-10: $49.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower 24″ Sunflower Wreath – MWF-09: $49.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower24″ Bittersweet Twig Wreath- MWF-11: $49.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower 24″ Dried Flower Twig Wreath – MWF-12: $49.99

Baby's Breath Wreath        10″ Baby’s Breath          MWF -13: $26.99

24″ Forsythia Twig Wreath  MWF-14: $46.99

Wreaths by Maine Wreath and Flower 22″ Lemon Leaf Twig Wreath- MWF-15: $49.99

 24″ Lavender Deluxe Wreath MWF-16: $49.99

Rose and Hydrangea Wreath 22″ Rose & Hydrangea Wreath – MWF-17:$49.99 

20″ Pansy Twig Wreath – MWF-18: $39.99

Seashell Wreath
Available in 6″, 8″, 10″ & 14″          

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