Dried Flowers

Dried FLowers for Wreaths and Arrangements

Flower arrangements are a beautiful way to express love, friendship and caring! All dried flowers are available throughout the year. Special orders are always welcome.

Sea Lavender Update:

We are so disappointed that this years Sea Lavender crop suffered a major insect infestation.  We regret to inform you that we will not be using any sea lavender in any of our wreaths, centerpieces or arrangements until July 2021.

Hints for Drying Your Flowers

Don't try to pick your flower, it best to cut them with scissors or shears. Leave four inches of stem on leafy flowers. Cut only one-third the growth of leafy flowers in both cases. It permits further growth and further harvesting. The delicate color and quality of flowers can be spoiled by heat and faded by the sun & humidity. Good air circulation is important in order to dry your flowers and preserve their color. To keep your flowers at their best, store your flowers in a dry, cool and dark place. If you don't have a dark storage area, flowers can be kept in paper bags or in a covered box.